Helmsdale’s Timespan Museum in The Highlands

Discover the local and social history of the parish and the people of Helmsdale and embark on a journey from the open sea to the river mouth upstream and in towards the mainland to the Strath of Kildonan! The Timespan Museum focuses on various different points in the history of the local area, from witchcraft to Pictish mythology, there is something unique for everyone to uncover at Timespan Museum!

Why should I visit the Timespan Museum in Helmsdale?

Timespan welcomes groups or individual visitors with open arms and provides thorough guided tours of the Museum's displays, the historical fishing village of Helmsdale, and over a whopping 6000 years of Kildonan history in the highlands including the Highland Clearances! For guests looking for an immersive look into the incredible history of the Highlands, planning a trip to visit this Museum is a must!

The collection found at the Timespan Museum tells the history of their parish and its place in the world, with over 2000 objects of historical significance, including arts and crafts, archaeology, national, and social history.

The Timespan Museum also has a team of professional genealogists who can provide information and undertake research on behalf of the guests! This team was created due to the increasingly frustrating lack of opportunities for family’s in the Highlands to trace their heritage. Details on costs of this service can be retrieved by getting in contact with the museum via phone or email!

  • Museum open daily from the 17th May 2021
  • Opening hours from 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Advanced booking advised
  • Bookings can be made by contacting the Museum through phone or email