If you’re after some adventure in New Zealand’s North Island, then we’ve got the perfect activity to add to your stack today – try your hand at rafting the mighty Mohaka river in Hawkes Bay and experience some of the best rafting the country has to offer. Whether you’re a veteran or beginner, looking for thrills or a gentle cruise, you’re guaranteed an amazing experience.

Where can I go white water rafting in New Zealand?

One of your best options for white water rafting in New Zealand is the Mohaka River in Hawke's Bay. Mohaka Rafting offer a number of fantastic experiences suitable for all experience levels and ages - the rivers range from gentle streams to extreme rapids, with breath-taking scenery along the way.

Your rafting adventure will be amongst some of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery, from lush green forests to thermal hot springs and crystal clear waters. Choose from a range of rafting experiences to suit you, graded from 2 to 5 based on the strength of the river. Families who are after a relaxing experience would have the perfect day out on the Mohaka River Grade 2 experience, giving families the opportunity to explore a seldom travelled river gorge in pleasant waters with enough time to stop and take in the scenery (and maybe for a dip too!).

If you’re after something more than a little day trip, book a spot on the Upper Mohaka expedition – take a helicopter ride to the Kaweka mountain range in a 3 day rafting adventure surrounded by New Zealand’s unique geography. Spend the day navigating the rivers with the help of expert guides, settle down and unwind in a natural hot spring then camp out in the wilderness in a trip to truly reconnect you with nature.

Cruising along the Mohaka River is an excellent way to experience the incredible scenery of New Zealand, while also having fun! Head to their website and book your spot now.

  • If you want a challenge, check out the grade 4/5 rafting experience here.
  • Prices vary depending on experience, starting at NZ$120 for grade 2 half-day package.
  • All equipment supplied.
  • Check this page for detailed directions to their base.

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