Paddle Steamer Cruise in Glasgow

All aboard the famous Waverly Paddle Steamer, the last seagoing paddle steamer in the world! Get ready for a cruise along the river Clyde and venture into the open waters to experience everything this magnificent steam ship has to offer and discover the remarkable scenery and sights surrounding the Scottish coast!

Why should I step aboard the Paddle Steamer Waverly?

The Waverly is a unique vessel as it holds the title of being the last remaining paddle steamer in the world that ventures onto the open sea! The boat is powered by steam and sheer passion! Every guest that climbs aboard the paddle steamer is helping contribute to the maintenance of this unique experience! For lovers of sights and maritime history, this magical cruise is a must!

In 2022, the Waverly paddle steamer will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of its maiden voyage on the 16th of June 1947! It will also mark the 250th anniversary of the internationally renowned Sir Walter Scott, whose works inspired the name of the Waverly paddle steamer.

The Waverly is host to a large number of different events every year and encourages visitors to come and check out some of the great experiences that the boat has to offer! For more information on what events are on at the Waverly, please visit the Waverly’s website and discover what great adventure is waiting for you!

The Waverly is ideal for group travel, whether it be part of a pubic tour or an arranged private one! The boat is able to cater anywhere from 10 to 700 guests and is open to special requests.

  • Departure points found all across Scotland
  • Waverly will be available to the public again in 2022
  • Fares and timetables can be found on the boat’s website
  • Souvenir shop on board
  • Catering available

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