Are you looking for an unforgettable scenic experience in New Zealand? The Dark Sky project is here to provide unique and amazing stargazing experiences.

Where can I go stargazing in New Zealand?

At the University of Canterbury at the Mt John Observatory.

The Dak Sky project has a range of tours that take place at night time for you to get the chance to see the night sky with zero light pollution. One of their most famous experiences is the summit experience at the University of Canterbury at the Mt John Observatory where you will be treated to the most scenic views the night sky has to offer, this is the best activity to get the most authentic stargazing experience there is. If you are wanting to stargaze throughout the day there is the dark sky experience where you will enjoy an indoor educational tour and will learn all about the history of the stars and space, spanning over 13.8 billion years.

  • Prices from $30 + Depending on what activity is chosen
  • Duration for each activity is 45 mins +
  • Booking online is advised

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