Taupo Kayaking

For everyone who enjoys watersports now is the time to come to Taupo Kayaking Adventures and take part in the kayaking where you will be on the absolutely stunning Accacia Bay. During the journey you will paddle; below  the native bushes, past steep cliffs and mini inlets that can only harbour a kayak before the amazing 14 metre-high carvings come into view. Your experienced guide will explain the carving’s cultural significance to the lake and surrounding areas while you float beneath them. The whole experience should last a total of 4 hours with 3 of them being on the water. If you have a child under they do not need to be accompanied by an adult during the experience!

Where can I go to enjoy the Rock Carvings at Mine Bay?

If you visit Taupo Kayaking Adventures you can experience multiple hours in the gorgeous bay kayaking looking at rock carvings.

Depending on whether you book during the summer or winter is when you will take part however for groups be sure to message because they are likely to slightly change the times to suit for you. The price only costs $115 New Zealand dollars for adults and $100 for kids under 17.

  • the whole activity should last 4 hours
  • Costs either 100 and 115 dollars
  • they also have package deals to look at as well


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