Calling all football fans, Aston Villa are offering a truly magnificent experience, from the home changing rooms to the players tunnel, you will feel the buzz each Villa superstar does every home match day. You will also gain access to Villa’s very own press conference media room where you can sit and experience what the managers go through at each press conference. Through out the tour you will learn about the clubs ever grown history and all the success they have had over the years. After each tour you will have access to the club store, here you will receive a 10% discount for any souvenir or gifts you wish to take home.

Why should I go on the Villa Park stadium tour?

Home of Aston Villa this stadium tour is full of history and glory, you will be sure to treasure this experience this moment for the rest of your life. You will have access to all areas of villa park including pitch side!

Aston Villa Fc history

  • Aston Villa were founded in the year of 1874 by four cricket players associated with the local church, Villa were founded the year before their now fierce rivals Birmingham
  • The Aston Villa crest is distinguished by the lion drawing, “The Rampant Lion of Scotland” (left image). The lion has no obvious link to the club, instead it symbolizes the club’s values in form of bravery and strength. The small white star, left of the lion is there to honor the club’s European Cup title. Besides the “AVFC”, initials for Aston Villa Football Club, the lower part has also the word “Prepared” which has been a traditional motto
  • Aston Villa won their first FA cup in 1887 and first League cup title in 1961
  • They currently play in England’s top flight premier league

You can share the clubs success over the years by getting photos with the European cup and the FA cup, this is just a couple of the many trophies Aston Villa have achieved over the years. Photographs are encouraged through out the whole tour so you can treasure these moments forever, you will be shown around Villa Park by an experienced tour guide to make sure you get every detail and see every bit of Villa park that there is.

  • Adults tickets from £20
  • Children tickets from £15
  • Weekend tours available
  • COVID restrictions in place to ensure safety

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