Coronation Street Themed Private Tour of Manchester

Movie Brit Tours, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the North of England, offers a unique and immersive experience for film enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. This distinctive tour company specializes in bringing iconic British movie locations to life, providing fans with an unforgettable journey through the very spots where cinematic history was made. From the rugged moors that framed classic British horror tales to the quaint villages that have played backdrop to international blockbuster hits, Movie Brit Tours crafts an adventure that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

Why choose Movie Brit Tours?

The allure of Movie Brit Tours lies not just in its destinations but in the depth of experience it offers. Each tour is meticulously planned and led by knowledgeable guides who are not only experts in local history but also passionate cinephiles. They share fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, little-known facts about the filming process, and insights into how these locations were chosen by filmmakers. Moreover, Movie Brit Tours goes beyond just visiting sites; they create interactive experiences including re-enactments, trivia games, and even opportunities to dress up as favorite characters from the films.

Can you participate in costume on a Movie Brit Tour?

Yes! Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters from the films featured on their chosen tour.

What can you expect on a tour?

A journey with Movie Brit Tours is a dive into the heart of British cinema across various genres. Visitors can choose from themed tours that might include following in the footsteps of legendary detectives, exploring epic fantasy landscapes, or stepping into romantic scenes straight out of beloved dramas. Each tour varies in length but typically lasts between half a day to a full day, ensuring ample time is spent at each location. Transportation is provided in comfortable coaches equipped with multimedia systems for screening clips from the movies related to the sites being visited.

Specialty tours and events

Beyond their regular offerings, Movie Brit Tours occasionally hosts specialty tours focusing on specific films or series during anniversary years or fan conventions. These events often feature guest appearances by actors, directors, or other industry professionals who provide unique insights and add an extra layer of excitement to the experience. Additionally, private tours can be arranged for groups looking for a more personalized adventure.

Planning your visit

To make the most out of your Movie Brit Tour experience, booking in advance is highly recommended as tours fill up quickly due to their popularity and limited availability. The company’s website provides detailed information on upcoming tours including dates, prices, and meeting points. For those traveling from afar, recommendations for accommodation near tour starting points are also available upon request.

Tips for travelers

To ensure an enjoyable trip with Movie Brit Tours:

  • Dress appropriately for walking outdoors and check weather forecasts ahead of time.
  • Bring along cameras or smartphones for capturing memorable moments against cinematic backdrops.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance if joining from outside the UK.
  • Stay hydrated and bring snacks especially for longer tours.
  • Engage with guides and fellow tourists to fully immerse yourself in the movie magic atmosphere.


  • Meticulously planned tours led by knowledgeable cinephile guides
  • Interactive experiences including re-enactments and trivia games
  • Variety of themed tours covering different genres and famous movies
  • Specialty tours featuring guest appearances by industry professionals
  • Detailed planning information available online for ease of booking
  • Tips provided for making your visit enjoyable and comfortable

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