Have you got what it takes to get out? Can you work with your team to escape? Come along and test your abilities at Wirral Escape Rooms! Get locked in and take on the puzzles and riddles set by Hathaway and reclaim the cursed golden lion!

Why should I visit Wirral Escape Rooms?

Wirral Escape Rooms are the first of their kind in Wirral! Gather your team of problem solvers and get stuck into the puzzles to escape!

The room on offer at Wirral Escape Rooms is called ‘The Curse of the Golden Lion’.

Hathaway Brown, a famous adventurer and explorer laid their claim to the Golden Lion found deep in the jungles of Peru many years ago, but Hathaway discovered that the lion in question was cursed, so he locked it away in his shack so that no person would ever lay eyes on it again, and did what all brave explorers do… He made his swift cowardly escape back on his boat to England!

When he arrived back in England is when the curse caught up with him! Hathaway is now broke, skint, destitute he needs that lion back so he can melt it down and break the curse and maybe make some coin in the process!

Hathaway has called upon you and your team of adventurers to enter the jungle, break into the abandoned shack and return the lion to him…

Are you brave enough to answer the call of adventure?

  • 2 Players: £44
  • 3 Players: £60
  • 4 Players: £72
  • 5 Players: £80
  • 6 Players: £90
  • Opening hours from Wednesday to Saturday are 12 am to 8 pm
  • Opening hours on Sundays are 2 pm to 8 pm


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