Freddi – Arcade and Toy Museum in Iceland!

What is Freddi? – Freddi is an arcade based in iceland with a little twist. Freddi has a toy museum inside their arcade that features some absolutely incredible nostalgic oddities.

Where can I find an arcade in Reykjavik?

Visit the Freddi arcade! A toy museum and arcade with over 2000 games to play!

See toys from days gone by ranging from Star Wars figurines from the late 70’s, Trolls dolls from the 80’s and video game themed toys too! After you’ve seen all the toys visit the arcade where hours of gaming fun awaits!  Play loads of amazing arcade cabinets with classic visuals. Jump over barrels in Donkey Kong or Destroy a massive Centipede the aptly named game “Centipede”. Play old consoles too like the nintendo 64! You can play games like Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time two classic of that era.  if retro gaming isn’t your style you can always play their modern consoles too like the PS4!

  • Wonderfully themed arcade with neon lights and characters from loads of your favourite games
  • Play consoles from all of gaming history
  • Open 11am – 10pm!

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