Helicopter Tour over The Isle of Wight

There is definitely no better way to see the stunning sights that Isle of Wight has to offer than flying high above and looking down from a birds eye view position, you will be as high as 1000 feet in the air inside a powerful and beautiful helicopter taking it all in. This helicopter tour will last 30 minutes but believe me when i say you will see much more then you could imagine in those 30 minutes. Through out the flight your pilot will point out all the local landmarks that you will fly above and also all the breath taking countryside that you will have the best view possible of.


Where will i find a helicopter tour on the Isle of Wight?

Adventure experiences are offering multiple helicopter packages to have the best possible views of the land, they are open all year round and are rated very highly by tourists.


The package will include a safety briefing before taking off into the sky, you will be in the air for 25-30 minutes in one of their jet powered helicopters, you can pay an extra 30 pounds to sit in the co pilots seat to guarantee an even more thrilling experience. The helicopter can hold up to 3 people in the rear of the helicopter and 1 in the co pilot seat. There is a minimum age of 6 years old to be able to take on this journey, the maximum weight limit stands at 95kg. You must book in advance of the date you wish to fly as it is a very popular activity in the Isle of Wight.


  • 149 pounds per passenger
  • Gift vouchers available
  • Free parking and cafe on site


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