Kintsugi Workshop in London

Are you a person that likes to try new things? What about taking a Japanese art class, in particular a Kintsugi workshop! Kintsugi is the Japanese art of embracing your imperfections. Learn how to mend once loved china and earthenware in this mindful introduction to the Kintsugi method. Traditionally, the visible repairs that you will make are seen as part of the history of an object, highlighting the cracks and symbolising fragility, strength and beauty. So why not add this mindful and creative workshop to your Stack!

Where can I learn to do Kintsugi in London?

Mini Picassos have a wide variety of crafty classes in London for you to take, including the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

This workshop helps guide you to repair a loved item by joining together the broken fractures using the Japanese Kintsugi method. This method consists of applying resin glue to the broken sections and making it whole again and possibly even more beautiful than it once was. The imperfections aren’t to be hidden but embraced, a message that should be held highly in life generally! The Kintsugi method celebrates the beauty of the scars in an object and recognises that the history should be shown and not hidden.

At the class you will choose your broken porcelain (vase, bowl, plate or cup). Then, the resident Indytute expert will guide you through the technique of mending each section piece by piece. By the end of the class you will have learnt a new skill and hopefully gained a new hobby.

You can bring your own china but all the materials you will need are provided as part of the class so not to worry if you don’t have a piece to bring with you that you want to work on. There is no guarantee you Kintsugi masterpiece with finished on time as the process needs to be done with patience. So if this tickles your fancy, add it to your Stack and give is a try!

  • Check website for latest dates for the classes
  • Workshop costs £28 per person
  • Duration of the workshop is 19:30 – 21:00
  • All materials are provided as part of the workshop
  • You can choose to bring your own china

Mini Picassos

Mini Picassos, 8 Station Terrace
Kensal Rise
South East England
NW10 5RT
Phone: 07903638817

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