Lundin Golf Club

Lundin golf course is a testing and tough course for any golfer, with the first 5 holes still so similar to how they were 100 years ago, however the second half of the course is more modern holes but are still really challenging. The club was founded in 1868 and was based on a narrow strip of land between the firth of forth and the now extinct railway. The course is played off a par 73 across a total distance of 5671 yards. Lundin course is one of the more popular ones in FIfe so it is key to book your dates at the beginning of the golf season to ensure your desire round date is free.


Where will i find a brilliant golf course in Fife?

Lundin golf course in Fife is a course over 100 years old, located just 20 minutes from the St Andrews links course it is one you definitely don't want to drive by without playing on.


Golf in Fife facts

  • FIfe is the home of golf with 43 courses
  • St Andrews is the most popular course
  • There are a few courses who held European qualifying
  • Every course is unique and has it’s own history
  • FIfe is the most popular golf location in Scotland, many golfers from the states have seasonal visits


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