Mad Max Driving Experience at Abingdon Airfield

Do you like off-roading experiences and are you a big fan of thrilling movies, how about you combine the two? Inspired by the spectacular off-roaders from the Mad Max films, strap yourself into the rumble seat and prepare to tackle the impossible. Channel your inner Mel Gibson (or Tom Hardy) and take on everything these 4×4 test tracks can throw at you and your modified Land Rover. It might not be the dystopian lands of Down Under in the Mad Max films, but even quiet Oxfordshire has its fair share of challenging 4×4 terrain!

Where is can go on an off-road driving experience in Oxfordshire?

At Abingdon Airfield they have a great Mad Max off-roading driving experience drive in a 4 by 4 inspired by all the classic mad max movies, located just 2 miles outside of Abingdon.

You’ll be carrying out your special ops-style mission in a choice of two military locations. In Oxfordshire, you’re on land that was formerly RAF Abingdon (and is still active as Dalton Barracks). You will be tackling the military-style 4×4 test tracks – and they’re pretty ferocious in parts. Perhaps just as well you’ve got an equally fierce vehicle to attack it in.

  • Prices from £39 per person
  • Session durations of either 20 minutes or 40 minutes
  • Be taken through the experience by a fully qualified instructor
  • Sessions are available from 8:30 am till 3:30 pm
  • Located just 2 miles outside of Abingdon
  • Double driving lesson from 79 pounds
  • Welcome, safety and introduction briefing included

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