Play Classic Board Games at a Board Game Café in Oxford

Are you looking for something to switch up the mundane of everyday life? Why not change your usual café routine and try out Oxford’s board game café! They, of course, serve an excellent cup of coffee and yummy sandwiches and treats but this café is unique as there are lots of fun board games to play during your stop.

Are there any unique board game cafés in the Oxford?

At Thirsty Meeples you will find a fantastic board game café where from morning to midnight you can play as many games as you want from their massive library of board games!

Thirsty Meeples have a huge game library of over 2,700 titles. And not to worry if you’re not a coffee lover as they also have great drinks and food menu with a range of craft beer, cider, wine, gin and cocktails. The way this board game café works is that you simply pay a cover charge and then you can play as many games as you want for as long as you want! Just take your pick of which game takes your fancy for the game library shelves, take it to your table and enjoy. There’s also a café shop so if you want the gaming fun to continue after you leave you can buy the game to take home.

If you’re looking to make a holiday out of it, there’s always plenty to do in Oxford. Even just exploring Oxford without a plan you’re going to see some of England’s most dated architecture, dating back even to the Anglo-Saxon era.

  • Just games coverage for 3 hours costs £7.50 per person
  • Games plus food/drink order for 3 hours cost £6
  • Open Monday- Friday 11am-12am
  • Open Saturday & Sunday 10am- 12am

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