Marvo Mysteries Escape Room in Bournemouth

Marvo Mysteries Escape Room in Bournemouth

Enter the world of M.A.R.V.O where you will begin as a volunteer looking to recover a mysterious artefact but all is not what it seems… old stories give a glimpse into another mirror world- has someone been travelling between them? You must search for clues, solve the mystery and recover the artefact all before time runs out! Do you have what it takes?

Where can I do an escape room in Bournemouth?

Look no further than Marvo escape room! Bring your friends and family along and try to beat the clock!

The M.A.R.V.O experience lasts approximately 80 minutes; 60 minutes in the game room plus a briefing beforehand, and debriefing and a photo opportunity at the end.

  • Off-peak (Mon-Fri): £25pp
  • Peak (Sat-Sun): £28pp
  • The Marvo experience is designed for 3-8 players

Marvo Mysteries

664 Christchurch Road
Phone: 01202 386 525


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