Milford Track Day Walk

The Milford Trail day walk will start with at 10 minute boat journey from Milford Sound to Sandfly Point, Milford Track. You will then walk at your own pace through the Milford Track, from Sandfly Points to the Giant gates falls, all round it is an 11 kilometre journey roughly taking 3 hours or so to complete the full trip. This hike is on easy going ground and anyone can do it, it is also family friendly to do. In some cases you could reach the famous Giant gates falls in just under 2 hours if you walk at a fast enough pace. With famous bushes, mountain and waterfalls it truly is a breath taking experience.


Where can i find Adventure day walks in South New Zealand?

You will find the perfect day trail offered by Fiordland Outdoors, this trail will take you to see sights you could only wish for, only half an hour from Queenstown it is easy to find and most definitely worth the journey.


On this adventure you will also want to take in all the wonderful wildlife surrounding the area, from lots of different species of birds, ranging from bellbirds to grey wobblers. The cost of this journey will be $50 for each adult participating and only $25 for each child. The ferry will depart every half hour starting at 8am and last ferry will be at 4:30pm. After your 3 hour hike you will also be returned by the water taxi back to your staying location so you don’t need to worry about returning as Fiordland Outdoors has you covered.


  • $50 per adult for the tour
  • $25 for each child for tour
  • Free transport included both ways
  • 3 hours roughly for whole journey


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