The Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre

Interested in the unique geological features and history of the Giant’s Causeway? Then head on down to the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre today! Rising and blending into the landscape, with walls of glass, basalt columns and a state of the art interior, the Giants causeway Visitor Centre is truly innovative. The energy efficient building boasts a number of exhibition areas and a grass roof with 360 degree views of the Causeway coastline. This is where the science and the stories come to life. Explore the interactive spaces, watch Finn McCool on the big screen and unlock the secrets of this inspirational landscape.

Who is Finn MacCool?

According to legend, these rocks are the remains of a causeway, or road, stretching across to Scotland. The old story goes, that it was built by an Irish giant named Finn MacCool who was challenged to a fight by a Scottish giant named Benandonner.

Flanked by the wild North Atlantic Ocean and a landscape of dramatic cliffs, for centuries the Giant’s Causeway has inspired artists, stirred scientific debate and captured the imagination of all who see it. Is it the handiwork of legendary giant Finn McCool or the result of volcanic fury millions of years ago? The Giant’s Causeway is steeped in myth and legend. Carved from the coast by the mighty giant, Finn McCool, who left behind an ancient home full of folklore. Local people here believe that between the hexagons, the mythical features carved out in the rocks and the tumbling sea, there’s real magic. You may not always see it straightaway, but come to this place, stand on the stones, uncover the legends, use your imagination and just wait. It won’t be long until you feel it!

Access to the Causeway itself is entirely free, however the pricing for the fantastic visitor’s centre is as follows.

  • Adult: £13.00
  • Children: £6.50
  • Family: £32.50
  • One Adult Family: £19.50

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