Farewell Spit, at the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island, is among the largest natural sand spits in the world stretching for a whopping 35km while being one of the world’s most important wetlands, home to over 90 species of migratory birds. This makes it a must-do visit for any trip to New Zealand, providing unique adventures and discoveries that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! Farewell Spit Tours are here to help you navigate this special place and help you make your trip unforgettable.

Can you drive to Farewell Spit yourself?

Independent travel in Farewell Spit is limited to the Puponga Farm Park and Cape Farewell, so you need to join a guided tour to access it. Join Farewell Spit Tours to see this internationally recognised bird sanctuary and wetland reserve, taking you on a 4WD journey through the spectacular natural wonder.

On their signature Farewell Spit tour, you’ll explore the most magnificent parts of this natural wonder. Head to the northernmost point of the South Island at Cape Farewell and admire the amazing costal cliff formations, and stop at Fossil Point, where you’ll see groups of fur seals relaxing in the rock pools. Discover fascinating history at the Lighthouse Reserve while enjoying some locally made refreshments, then admire spectacular panoramic  views of the beach while you climb a massive sand dune.

Keen bird watchers will be in their element in the Gannet Colony tour, where you’ll take a tranquil walk with picturesque views across the spit to get up-close and personal with New Zealand’s fastest growing gannet colony, attracting thousands of this migratory bird each year. Your tour will be in a strong and sturdy 4WD, with comfortable seats and windows to see Farewell Spit in all it’s glory.

A tour of the Farewell Spit is essential for any trip to New Zealand’s South Island, so book your place now to discover one of the world’s most spectacular natural environments!

  • Farewell Spit tour:
    NZ$165 adult, NZS58 child.
    Tour lasts approximately 6 1/2 hours.
    Meals and refreshments can be arranged in advance.
  • Gannet Colony tour:
    NZ$175 adult, NZ$58 child.
    Tour lasts approximately 6 1/2 hours.
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  • Tours depart from their office in Collingwood at 6 Tasman Street.