20″ Pizza Challenge in Queenstown

Consider yourself a big eater? It’s time to take on the mammoth challenge of the 20-inch pizza down at Fat Badgers Pizza and Bar. Choose 3 toppings of your choice to go on the 20-inch pizza , there is a 20-minute time limit to finish everything, If you fail you’ll be put on the wall of shame and if you conquer the challenge you’ll win a free meal, put on the wall of fame and a free t-shirt

What food eating challenges can I take part in Queenstown ?

Stationed in Fat Badgers Pizza and Bar they offer the 20 inch pizza challenge ! Will you conquer this beast of a pizza?

Fat badgers offer a friendly restaurant environment offering the freshest pizza around and several promotions during the week including happy hours to half-price wings on weekdays!

  • Price:NZ$44
  • Duration : 20 minutes
  • Weight: 5lbs/2.28kg
  • Difficulty 3/5


Ref: MO

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