Riverboarding in Queenstown

This is the ultimate water activity for for thrill seekers and is a sport pioneered by Serious Fun Riverboarding in Queenstown! While being surrounded by the gorgeous New Zealand countryside you’ll be able to fly down the river in style on modified bodyboards! To have a thrill filled trip down a stunning river look no further than this experience!

Where can I go riverboarding in Queenstown?

Go and harness the power of the Kawarau River with Serious Fun Riverboarding in Queenstown!

Look forward to swimming through raging rapids, whizzing whirlpools and trying some rock jumps! Look online to check which kind of trip will suit you and whether you want to try a harder, longer trip or something more relaxed, they’ve got you covered!

  • Drifting Package
    • 10+ level 1
    • Learn the basics of Riverboarding at a gentle pace and admire the stunning views of the Kawarau River
    • From $120
    • Runs January to March
  • River Surfing Package
    • 8+ level 3
    • The high-volume Kawarau River is bursting with adrenaline, and this trip will challenge your nerves from start to finish.
    • From $235
    • Runs September to May
  • Sledging Package
    • 12+ level 2
    • Get up close and personal with white water and mighty rapids on our custom-made sledges. Master the river; be in control.
    • From $235
    • Runs November to March


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