Experience the World’s #1 Canyon Swing

Imagine a giant rope swing in a canyon. Yes, this exists in only one place in the World! Here in Shotover, Queenstown, New Zealand! So come and experience true freedom by making the most exhilarating jump of your life, or if you don’t have the bottle to jump yourself, which is fair, then you can ask an instructor to give you the push you need to have a wail of a time swinging. At 60 metres, this is the world’s highest cliff jump, which you can freefall! The Canyon Swing is truly a unique thrill. They have been in operation since 2002 and have always been locally owned. Photographers will take mid-swing action shots of you, which they can personalise and edit upon request, even in the short form for your socials and media. Refer to the below details to see the cost for photos and videos.

Where do you meet for the canyon swing?

Just 10 minutes from the town centre of Queenstown. Transport can be provided for 2 hours round trip from Queenstown centre (from here 3 Arthurs Point Road, Arthurs Point, Queenstown 9371, New Zealand) as there is no public access to the site for your safety. Get picked up from Shotover Jet River Base.

Must know:

  • Open every day (including weekends) from 9 am–4 pm
  • The minimum age is 10 and under 15’s must be accompanied by a guardian (who doesn’t have to take part in the swinging, if spectating is preferred for $10 entry)
  • Max solo weight = 160kgs
  • Max combined tandem weight = 180kgs
  • Not suitable for expectant mothers
  • A health declaration is required including physical injuries upon check-in


  • Family Package includes 2 Tandem Canyon Swings for $179 per person or $135 per person Families
    • Kids = 10-17-year-olds
    • Photos and videos $50 per swing
      • pics are free on second and third swings
    • Second swings are available for just $30 – solo or tandem
  • Solo $199 with photos & video $249 (save $80 when bought together)
  • Tandem $358 with photos & video $408 (save $130 as part of bundle)
  • discount available for Pre-booking

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