Does glow in the dark mini golf sound interesting to you? Thrill Zone in Queenstown is the most amazing location and to make it all the better it is right in the heart of Queenstown. This 9 hole glow in the dark sensation is thrilling day out for any family, tropical themed and snowy mountain themed holes full off challenges to make it as hard as possible but also very fun. Put n Glow is open to any age and any group including families, work night out and birthday parties, there is no limit on how many times you complete the course once inside so if you are still feeling fresh after your first round of golf then do not be afraid to head around again.

Where can I find mini golf in Queenstown?

You will not need to look far into Queenstown to find a fun filled mini golf site, full of lots of fun and challenging obstacles on the way to completing this course, it's sure to be a thrilling experience.

Not only is it mini golf, there is also a mini escape room available that will test all your skills and knowledge to the absolute limit, every hole on this mini golf adventure is full of surprises and is sure to test your patience if you do not complete the hole at the first time of asking. Each round of golf will roughly last 30 minutes long and it will cost you $19 per participant, there is also a café on site which will keep you and your friends refreshed through out your time playing.

  • $19 per player
  • Free parking available on site
  • Walk ins available if there is space

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