Cliff Camping Adventures in Gwynedd

Do you have what it takes to sleep high above the sea and suspended in mid-air? This once in a lifetime experience is incredible and gives you the opportunity to watch the sunset over Ireland across the sea. No climbing experience is needed as long as you are comfortable with heights. The cliff camping experience costs £480 for 2 participants. If you have no interest in spending the night you can go climbing and have a meal on the cliff! This truly insane activity has to be on your Funstacker list! The other activities include the climbing academy and family climbing.

Where can you try cliff camping in Wales?

At Gaia Adventures you can camp, climb and have a meal all on the edge of the cliff!

Gwynedd is a county in the northwest of Wales and is the largest one in the country. There are plenty of historical sites in this county for you to go and visit whilst being in nature such as Penrhyn castle which is situated in some famous gardens as well.

This is just their home office address. Courses take place at different locations. Check course notes to see the meeting point for your adventure.

  • Cliff camping costs from £480 for 2 people
  • The minimum age requirement for climbing activities is 10 years old
  • Safety is their number one priority and all safety equipment and training are provided
  • Activities take place in different locations.

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