Escape the city at Spey Creek

The landscapes of New Zealand are so spectacular and beautiful – it’s only natural that you would want them to yourself, right? Well, now you can! Spey Creek lodge is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the tranquil nature of Kaikoura in complete, natural isolation. Unwind and explore in over 1500 hectares of privately owned wilderness, relax among starry skies and reconnect with nature.

Where can I stay in Kaikoura?

Enjoy over 1500 acres of beautiful Kaikoura all to yourselves at Spey Creek Lodge - not just a place to sleep, this lodge is an unforgettable and exclusive experience. Enjoy a range of outdoor activities to reconnect you with nature, with the comfort of a cosy lodge equipped with everything you'll need.

This off-the-grid lodge is the perfect way to truly embrace the environment around you. During your stay, there’ll be plenty of unique moments – get your camera ready for some unforgettable photos as you explore some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes in a 4-wheel CanAm vehicle, from peaceful mountain trails to panoramic ocean views. Head up to the hills and enjoy a range of fantastic biking and hiking trails, including a trail to the newly formed lake created from the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. Cool off on a hot summers day by swimming in the beautiful clear waters, or join the local beekeeper for your own blend of honey.

Your stay at Spey Creek Lodge provides everything you need for a relaxing get away – the open plan lodge is fit with four cosy, private rooms with king beds, a kitchen, living room and plenty of comfortable couches to relax on after your adventure, and share stories of your adventures around the table in the open-plan dining room. Leave Kaikoura better than when you arrived by planting a tree and gaze under the star-lit sky to reflect on your once in a lifetime trip.

  • Prices range depending on personal booking preferences – ranging from NZ$2000 to NZ$3000 per night.
  • Pick-up service by car or by helicopter directly to the lodge available.
  • About an hours drive from Kaikoura town, 2.5 hours from Christchurch and Blenheim.
  • Click here to make an enquiry.


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