Explore, Hike and Camp in the Peak District with Ranger Expeditions

It’s well known that the Peak District is one of the UK’s centres for outdoor activity, with hundreds of miles of glorious outdoor space to get active in. But what if you want something a bit more relaxed? Or just want something simple to enjoy the scenery? We’ve got the perfect activity for your stack then – with Ranger Expeditions, choose from a range of excellent guided walks, challenges and hikes across the Peak District, that will truly make you stop and appreciate the beauty of this national park!

What are the best walks in the Peak District?

One of the iconic walking challenges in the Peak District is the Three Peaks, covering the three highest hills and mountains of the national park. If you're looking to take on this challenge, or any other of the many walks and hikes in the Peak District, then Ranger Expeditions will guide you.

Ranger Expeditions operate from the historic Hayfield, in the heart of the Peak District. Their team is comprised of knowledgeable, passionate guides who know the Peak District like the back of their hand, who are experienced in navigated mountain and moorland environment. Your trips will be conducted in a small, tight-knit group that will allow you to enjoy spectacular, expansive views of the surrounding nature, without anyone blocking your way.

However, or wherever you’re looking to explore the Peak District, Ranger Expeditions have something for you! Enjoy one of the iconic walks of the Peak District with the 3 Peaks Challenge – stand atop the 3 highest peaks and hills of the Peak District, the great Black Hill, Bleaklow and Kinder Scout, with professional guides that will provide support, refreshments and everything you need to achieve this journey. Experience the Peak District in the right way with the Breakfast and Sunset Special, where you’ll enjoy an incredible sunset and panoramic views on the Peak District’s highest mountain, in a tranquil journey you won’t soon forget.

Three Peaks Record

The fastest recorded circuit of the Three Peaks is currently 2 hours, 29 minutes and 53 seconds by Jeff Norman in 1974!

Want to take your four-legged friend with you on your adventure? No problem! Ranger Expeditions offer a range of dog friendly walks, sharing the scenery, environment and atmosphere of the Peak District with fellow dog owners. Looking to take some new skills from your trip? Take a look at their navigation and hill skills training courses, which will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to make a start with your own adventures and challenges in the hills and adventures. For those wanting to up the energy on their Peak District trip, then you’re also in luck – there are a selection of established races, from short, long distance to hilly terrain and more that will have you speeding through picturesque mountains and hills.

There are plenty of dates to choose from all year round, so take a look at their calendar and see what you can find to make your trip to the Peak District unforgettable!

  • Price varies depending on event.
  • Make sure to bring warm and waterproof clothing as it won’t be provided.
  • Food, refreshments and drinks will be provided for most trips.

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