Welcome to Rapid Horizons, a premier outdoor adventure company nestled in the heart of Matlock, Central England and the Midlands. This picturesque location offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to explore the beauty of the English countryside while indulging in exhilarating water sports activities. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer looking for your next thrill or a family seeking a unique day out, Rapid Horizons promises an unforgettable experience.

Discovering Rapid Horizons

Rapid Horizons stands out as a beacon of adventure in Matlock, offering a wide range of activities tailored to suit all ages and skill levels. From serene kayak tours along the tranquil waters of the River Derwent to adrenaline-pumping white-water rafting experiences, there’s something for everyone. The company prides itself on its commitment to safety and quality, ensuring that every visitor leaves with lasting memories.

What makes Rapid Horizons unique compared to other outdoor adventure companies?

Rapid Horizons distinguishes itself through its diverse range of water sports activities tailored for all ages and skill levels, its commitment to safety and quality experiences, and its picturesque location in Matlock which offers both tranquility and thrilling adventures.

What to expect on your visit

Upon arrival at Rapid Horizons, guests are greeted by friendly and experienced staff ready to guide them through their chosen adventure. All necessary equipment is provided on-site, including life jackets, helmets, and waterproof gear, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. Visitors can choose from various packages ranging from half-day excursions to full-day adventures, each offering a unique way to explore the stunning landscapes of Central England.

Family-friendly adventures

Rapid Horizons understands the importance of family time and offers several activities designed specifically for families with children. Gentle kayaking trips allow families to paddle at their own pace, exploring hidden coves and spotting local wildlife along the way. For those looking for more excitement, mini-rafting provides an ideal introduction to white-water rafting in a controlled and safe environment.

The perfect group outing

Whether planning a corporate team-building event or celebrating a special occasion with friends, Rapid Horizons caters to groups of all sizes. Customizable packages allow groups to select activities that best fit their interests and abilities, fostering teamwork and creating lasting bonds. The breathtaking scenery serves as the perfect backdrop for any group outing.

Making memories at Rapid Horizons

Beyond the thrill of water sports, Rapid Horizons offers visitors the chance to connect with nature in an intimate setting. The area surrounding Matlock is renowned for its natural beauty, featuring rolling hills, lush forests, and crystal-clear rivers. Guests are encouraged to bring cameras along on their adventures to capture the stunning vistas and memorable moments that define their experience at Rapid Horizons.


  • Diverse range of water sports activities suitable for all ages
  • High commitment to safety standards
  • All necessary equipment provided on-site
  • Customizable packages for individuals, families, and groups
  • Located in scenic Matlock within Central England’s beautiful countryside

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