Research your Family Heritage at Irish Midlands Ancestry in Co Offaly

Have you ever wanted to trace your ancestry? Or are you on a journey to discover your heritage within Ireland? If so, we have the perfect day out planned for you! Visit Irish Midlands Ancestry in Co Offaly on your next day off! Once visitors arrive at the facility, a friendly employee will take your ancestry details, so that they can establish any connections to the Laois and Offaly area.

Where can I learn about my heritage in Ireland?

Due to the Irish Diaspora spanning across the globe, many people return to their ancestral home throughout the year. One of the best places for people to research their family heritage is at Irish Midlands Ancestry in Co Offaly.

The company have highly trained staff who sift through years of documents on your behalf. This includes the likes of Civil records, Census records, Church registries, and large government databases. Most of their records can go back to the 18th century, with in-depth knowledge of one’s ancestors. So, does this sound like an interesting day out to you? If so, why not give it a try, you never know what you might find!

  • Open all year round.
  • Located within the Offaly History Centre.
  • A small fee for research.

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