Sloppy’s “Sloppy Joe” Eating Challenge in Hertford

Do you have what it takes to defeat Sloppy’s “Sloppy Joe” Eating Challenge? The challenge includes five Sloppy Joes all topped with a slice of cheese, served with sides of curly fries, coleslaw, pickles, 1 lb of fries, and a milkshake. You have to finish everything in one sitting to win the challenge.

Are there any food challenges in Hertford ?

Yes, located at Sloppy's Hertford Sport's Bar in Hetford awaits Sloppy’s “Sloppy Joe” Eating Challenge, will you finish ?

If you defeat Sloppy’s “Sloppy Joe” Eating Challenge you will be rewarded with a free meal of your choice,an exclusive free t-shirt, and your name and photo on the wall of fame, will you finish?

  • Type: Burger
  • Price: £35 (~$46)
  • Weight: 6lbs/2.73kg
  • Time Limit: One Sitting
  • Free meal if completed


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