Ever seen a pool that changes colour? The Blue pool nature reserve is a truly magical gem in the heart of beautiful Purbecks. Watch how the pool changes from turquoise to green! Children will love the trail around the pool looking out for magic fairy doors and squirrels! This unique attraction is not one you want to miss!

Why visit The Blue Pool?

The serene pool is surrounded by 25 acres of woodland interlaced with sandy paths making it a magical experience for the whole family.

The changing colour is from the very fine clay in the water diffracting light in different ways, producing a spectrum of colours- sometimes green, blue or turquoise! The vintage style teahouse offers coffee, lunches, and homemade scones which can be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the blue pool or inside by the fireplace.

  • Adults- £5
  • Children (5-18)- £2.50
  • Under 5s- FREE



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