Tolbooth Steeple in Glasgow

Calling all history lovers! Do you want to explore the history of Scotland’s largest city? Thankfully, Glasgow still has a strong resemblance to its past with regard to its buildings. The Tolbooth Steeple is the perfect example of this. This fascinating structure is hugely important in terms of the history of this city. Once being part of a much larger building, the centrepiece is the only remaining part. Nowadays it has become Glasgow Cross’s key feature.

Why should I visit the Tolbooth Steeple?

The Steeple can give visitors an insight into what this area of the city once looked like, with the majority of its original features still standing.

In the past, this building had many different purposes, from the City Hall to the City Prison. It has seen its fair share of dramas, including dealings with Thieves, Murderers and supposed Witches. Unfortunately, as the city expanded through the years, the majority of the original Tolbooth Building was left abandoned and subsequently demolished, leaving the Steeple as a firm reminder of this once booming end of the city. So, if architecture and history usually interest you, this is the perfect place to explore when in Glasgow on your next day off!

  • Located in Glasgow City Centre.
  • Information plaque on the Steeple.
  • Cafes, Bars and Restaurants all around the area.

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