Underground Story Telling – King Arthur’s Labyrinth

Embark on a mystical journey back in time to the age of King Arthur and his knights at King Arthur’s Labyrinth, nestled in the heart of Corris, Wales. This underground adventure offers visitors a unique blend of history, myth, and magic as they explore ancient caverns and tunnels hidden beneath the Welsh hills. Guided by a mysterious hooded boatman, guests are transported through dimly lit passages where tales of dragons, giants, and legendary battles come to life. The attraction combines storytelling with stunning visual effects to immerse visitors in the rich tapestry of Arthurian legend.

Welcome to the labyrinth

Upon arrival at King Arthur’s Labyrinth, visitors are greeted by the enchanting setting of Corris Craft Centre, where the journey begins. After donning protective helmets, guests board a silent boat that glides through an underground waterfall into the timeless world below. The air grows cooler as the boat advances into the darkness, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

What makes King Arthur's Labyrinth an environmentally friendly attraction?

King Arthur's Labyrinth utilizes natural cave systems for its tours without damaging or altering them significantly; it also promotes local craftsmanship through its association with Corris Craft Centre.

The heart of legend

As the boat journey concludes, visitors continue on foot through winding tunnels and expansive caverns. Each chamber reveals a new chapter in the saga of King Arthur and his knights. The tales are narrated by voices that seem to echo from another age against a backdrop of dramatic light and sound effects. From Merlin’s enchantments to the quest for the Holy Grail, each story brings visitors closer to understanding the enduring appeal of these ancient legends.

Above ground attractions

The experience doesn’t end when you emerge from beneath the earth. The Corris Craft Centre offers a variety of artisan shops where visitors can find handcrafted goods made by local artists. From traditional Welsh pottery to unique jewelry pieces inspired by Celtic design, there’s something to remind everyone of their journey through King Arthur’s realm. Additionally, there are several walking trails around Corris that invite exploration of the stunning natural landscape that has inspired countless myths over millennia.

Planning your visit

King Arthur’s Labyrinth is open seasonally from Easter until October each year. It is advisable to check opening times and book tickets in advance during peak periods to avoid disappointment. While suitable for most ages, some younger children might find parts of the labyrinth dark or frightening; parental discretion is advised. Remember to wear comfortable shoes as parts of the tour involve walking on uneven surfaces.


  • Nestled in Corris, Wales
  • Underground adventure based on Arthurian legend
  • Tours begin with a boat ride guided by a hooded boatman
  • Tales narrated with light and sound effects
  • Attraction includes access to Corris Craft Centre
  • Open seasonally from Easter until October

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