Join the Royal Irish Yacht Club and become a member today. You will be able to sail and join many activities on and off the water. RIYC sailing club provides activities, facilities and training programs no matter age or abilities, there will be something for everyone.

Where can I enjoy sailing in Dublin?

At Royal Irish Yacht Club, you can learn to sail and much more, just see for yourself! And experience the amazing programmes and activities.

Since 1831 the Royal Irish supported many sports racings in Dublin and with the specialised team, you are bound to have a great experience. Children and young adults can join the Cadet sailing where they will learn how to sail with the summer courses as they develop their skills through the year. Many children have competed for the club in national championships. There are also some great shore-based sailing training courses chosen from a 2-day course where you will participate in off-shore races or join the one-day marine first aid course. There are many things to do and choose from!


  • Open from 10 am every day excluding Monday.
  • Any age can train with the Yacht Program.
  • Join a 2-day course for off-shore races.


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