Attention all artists and general lovers of arts and crafts! The Centre for Contemporary Art in Londonderry encourages everyone interested in the field to come and check out the vast array of artwork that the centre has to offer! The centre is home to a wide range of collections created by artists across the world and also local to the Derry area. If you have a burning admiration for art then this centre is definitely worth checking out!

Why should I visit the Centre for Contemporary Art in Derry?

The Centre for Contemporary Art creates welcomes visitors of all ages to come and experience all of the ambitious, experimental, engaging art from all over the world and also creates a platform for emerging artists to develop their artwork and careers further!

Since opening in 1992, the Centre for Contemporary Art has been showcasing artwork from emerging artists from the local area in Northern Ireland as well as peers from various cultures and countries all around the globe. As well as acting as a platform to showcase artwork, the centre also hosts a wide variety of different public experiences and workshops. The events on at the centre are frequent and there is always something different for visitors to get involved in and try out! For those planning a visit to the centre, more information on what will be on at the time of their trip can be found on the CCA website!

  • Fully accessible for wheelchair users and disabled toilets are available
  • Free of charge guided tours of the centre is provided by the experienced members of staff
  • Audio descriptive tours of the exhibitions are available
  • The centre is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 PM till 6 PM


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