Dine or Don’t at the Cafebar 1912 in Bathgate

This historic building owes its name to the opening of the building that has finally found its true calling. Originally an auctioneer and appraiser, it has existed in many forms for the past 100 years, the Norbury Hotel, The Scone Shop, Ballroom, Mercados Casino, Mcalford’s Ford Car Showroom, Norbery Travel, Kirby’s Hairdressing, Marshalls Insurance, TV Repairs, and even a boxing club, to name just a few. From the historic concrete floor and the chisel marks of the stonemasons to the reclaimed flooring of the Bathgate Academy’s gymnasium, which is used for the tables and seating, this building has a real sense of living.

Where can I dine (or not) in Bathgate?

1912 is the ideal place for any time during your day. They have breakfast, a leisurely lunch and late-night cocktails. With - of course, live music like nowhere else.


To complement this, 1912 also has Award-Winning butchers with decades worth of experience. Having this much experience means that 1912 will always offer the finest cuisine for every customer.


1912 boasts a range of premium wine, spirits and beer, whiskey, rum, vodka and gin.


With quite the selection of food and drinks, what better way to ramp up the experience than with live music performances? Three days a week artists will perform in a vast array of genres, and competitions to win prizes where everyone can participate.

Reservations can be made for any available day, with the time and any expected events that will be taking place.

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