Tired of the old way of playing gold? Then maybe it’s time for you to try disc golf! Disc golf is a combination of golf and frisbee, the aim is to stand at a distance and throw the frisbee into a net from a distance.

Why should I visit reboot disc golf?

To enjoy a fun day out competing with friends and family.

Reboot disc golf has set up 3 courses for you to play on, the green course 18 holes, The blue course 18 holes and the red course 21 holes but the red is only for advanced disc golf players. each of these courses ranges in difficulty level. The green course is the best for being a family-friendly course with holes not being too far and too hard. The courses are set up around a woodland area where you will need to overcome difficulties with trees and bushes that might get in your way. So are you up for the challenge? disc golf is fun for the whole family.

  • Prices range from £5 for the course
  • Disc for hire at sight
  • Open Monday to Sunday

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