Calling all Chinese food enthusiasts! If you love Chinese food then you’ll surely love dumplings – but have you ever wanted to learn how to make this delicious delicacy for yourself? Well then, it’s time to level up your cooking skills with this easy dumpling-making class in Aberdeen!

What classes can I take in Aberdeen?

How about learning how to make some delicious dumplings? This cooking class in Aberdeen shows you everything you need to know about cooking your favourite takeaway treat, guided by an expert teacher.

Whether you’re a budding chef who wants to expand their culinary knowledge, or you’re just a lifelong dumpling devotee who’s looking for an alternative to the takeaways, this class will have you whipping up a tasty batch of dumplings in no time. The class is led by a professional chef who will be there to guide you as you learn the ropes about the various different dumpling cooking methods, from boiled, steamed and fried. Your class will include an introduction to Asian cuisine from your friendly and expert teacher, followed by your easy to follow instruction and finally ends with a banquet with your fellow dumpling lovers. This cooking class makes for an excellent social activity including unique birthday parties and celebrations!

  • Cooking equipment and ingredients are all provided.
  • No previous knowledge required.
  • The location and contact details are hidden until booking is made, when you’ll receive a specific address.
  • Booking can be made on their classbento website

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