Welcome to The Puzzling Place, a unique attraction nestled in the heart of Keswick, North of England. This fascinating destination offers an experience like no other, with its mind-bending illusions, interactive exhibits, and puzzles that will challenge and entertain visitors of all ages. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be transported into a world where nothing is quite as it seems. Prepare to have your perceptions challenged and your curiosity piqued as you explore the various zones within The Puzzling Place.

What to Expect

As you enter The Puzzling Place, you’ll first encounter the Anti-Gravity Room, where water flows uphill and balls roll upwards. It’s an experience that defies logic and must be seen to be believed. Next, make your way to the Ames Room, where due to clever construction, people appear to grow or shrink depending on their position in the room. Don’t forget to capture this incredible illusion with a photo!

What makes The Puzzling Place different from other attractions?

The Puzzling Place stands out due to its unique focus on illusions and puzzles that actively engage visitors' minds and challenge their perceptions of reality.

The Hologram Gallery showcases a collection of stunning 3D images that seem to pop out at you from nowhere. Each piece is more mesmerizing than the last, offering a glimpse into the future of visual art. For those who love a challenge, the Puzzle Area is filled with brain teasers and puzzles designed to test your problem-solving skills.

One of the highlights of The Puzzling Place is the Eye Tricks section. Here, you’ll find yourself questioning what’s real as optical illusions play tricks on your mind. From impossible objects to baffling pictures that change before your eyes, this area will leave you amazed at how easily our senses can be deceived.

Visitor Information

The Puzzling Place is open year-round but check their website for specific opening times as they can vary seasonally. Admission prices are reasonable and offer great value for an unforgettable experience. There’s also a gift shop on-site where you can purchase puzzles and souvenirs to take home.

Located in Keswick, The Puzzling Place is easily accessible by public transport or car. There’s plenty of parking nearby for those driving. While in Keswick, take advantage of the beautiful surroundings by exploring Derwentwater Lake or hiking in the Lake District National Park.

Tips for Visitors

  • Allow at least 1-2 hours for your visit to fully enjoy all exhibits.
  • Photography is encouraged throughout most areas so bring along your camera.
  • Some exhibits may cause dizziness or disorientation; proceed with caution if susceptible.
  • The attraction is wheelchair accessible; however, some areas might present challenges due to optical effects.


  • Anti-Gravity Room where physics appears reversed
  • The Ames Room showcasing incredible size illusions
  • A Hologram Gallery filled with eye-catching 3D artworks
  • An extensive Puzzle Area for hands-on problem solving
  • Eye Tricks section featuring bewildering optical illusions

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