Escape Rooms in Dundee

Calling all Funstackers! Think you’re good at solving puzzles? Do you have what it takes to escape? Try the Escape Dundee experience! Choose from a variety of locked rooms, with just 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and break out! This is a fantastic group activity for team building and coordination. Each room is themed so every time you visit you can experience something new and take on an all-different challenge.

Where can I do an escape room in Dundee?

Head along to Escape Dundee to test your skills!

Located in the centre of Dundee, you can spend an hour working together with friends or family and see if you have what it takes to escape! Will you choose Witchcraft and Wizardry? Where you will dive into the world of magic, where something doesn’t seem quite right. Can you figure out how to escape the clutches of the evil professor? Or will you try the Da Vinci Room? Will you break the codes and decipher the symbols to retrieve the holy grail? Maybe you’ll step into a land of knights and kings in Overthrone, where you must find the legendary sword of Britain and claim the throne! Or perhaps you’ll choose to free your team who have been locked up for a crime they didn’t commit! Can you escape, in Prison Breakout? Don’t forget to add this challenging experience to your Stack!

  • Play with a team from 2 to 6 people (recommended team sizes are 3-5 people)
  • 2 People | £38
  • 3 People | £48
  • 4 People | £56
  • 5 People | £65
  • 6 People | £72
  • Games last 60 minutes
  • Monday – Wednesday (closed)
  • Thursday + Friday (1:30pm – 9pm)
  • Saturday (10am – 9pm)
  • Sunday (11:45am – 7:15pm)
  • Online shop
  • Online escape rooms available

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