Looking for something fun to do with the family? Why not go fossil hunting in Charmouth bay and find fascinating fossils that are famous around the world? The Charmouth fossils and Lyme Regis fossils can be found in museums and professional collections across the world but the best fossils are the ones you find yourself! With perseverance (and often a little luck) you may also find parts of fossil bone from marine reptiles! Take them home and show them off to family and friends!

Why visit Charmouth Beach?

If you want a day to remember, take a trip to Charmouth Beach to enjoy the views and hunt for fossils!

The best place to start your fossil hunt is to visit the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre. Entry is free and provides information on fossil hunting and the local coastal wildlife. They also run guided hunting walks throughout the year.

Charmouth beach is a wonderful place, but there are a few things you need to do to ensure you stay safe:

  • Never hammer at the cliffs
  • Never climb the cliffs or walk in mudflows
  • Do not sit under the base of the cliffs
  • Keep an eye on the tides
  • Dress appropriately for sun, cold or rain


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