The Tutankhamum Exhibition Dorset

Calling all history lovers! Travel back in time to ancient Egypt at the Tutankhamun exhibition in Dorset. Here you can follow the infamous Tutankhamun’s treasures and story. You will see recreations of Tutankhamun’s tomb, treasures and mummy, making you feel as though you have stepped back in time!

Where can I find the Exhibition?

The exhibition is located in the centre of Dorchester on High west street- if you are visiting Dorset then this is not one to miss!

The Gold mask of Tutankhamun and many of the other major treasures still remain in Eygpyt as preserved by the Egyptian government. This exhibition was designed and created to bring it to the public. All the exhibits have been carefully crafted with meticulous reference to the original antiquities, photographs and measurements to make them as identifiable as possible!

  • adults- £9.99
  • Children- £6.99
  • Under 5s- FREE

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