Do you Love outdoor adventures or high wire activities? Then you’ll love Go Ape in Woburn! Harness up and get ready to conquer the dizzying high ropes challenges that are on offer at the magical go ape site in Woburn. Aim to be crowned thrill-seeker extraordinaire as you pit your wits, nerves, and agility against the exhilarating Treetop Challenge, You’ll get the chance to do some monkey business by swinging and zipping through the thrilling outdoor jungle gym surrounded by the amazing animal reserve that gives the true animal kingdom feel! so what are you waiting on the swing on down now!

Where can we all go ape in the South West?

Swing on down to the go ape site in Woburn it's just 5 miles away from Milton Keynes.

The special thing about this Go Ape site is that its located inside the Safari Park’s leisure area, and Go Ape participants are free to explore it while climbing you will get a stunning backdrop of the wildlife reserves and are surrounded by a beautiful landscape that has 28-hectares of absolutely beautiful gardens, ponds, and woodlands.

  • Minimum age requirement of 10 years old
  • Minimum height requirement of 1.4 meters
  • Prices from £33 per person for people 16+ and £25 for children 15 and under
  • Maximum weight of 130KG (20.5 stone)
  • Located 16 miles outside of Bedford
  • Gloves are recommended, bring your own or buy a  pair at the cabin
  • Duration 2-3 hours

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