Hedingham Castle in Essex

Hedingham Castle, in the village of Castle Hedingham, Essex, is arguably the best preserved Norman Keep in England. The castle fortifications and outbuildings were built around 1100, and the keep around 1140. However, the keep is the only major medieval structure that has survived, albeit less two turrets. The keep is open to the public.

What Castles are there to visit in Essex?

Visit Hedingham Castle a mostly intact Norman Castle, they are open to the public for visiting and also for special occasions like weddings and parties.

The castle has also been a location for the feature film The Reckoning (2003) and for the BBC series Ivanhoe (1997). The documentaries Made in Britain (2005) with Fred Dibnah, The Shakespeare Theory (2013) with Derek Jacobi and A History of Britain with Simon Schama have used Hedingham Castle as a location. Outdoor theatre and movies, mediaeval fairs and jousts, vintage and auto displays, live history and educational possibilities all take place at Hedingham Castle, which is unlike any other setting. Weddings, parties, exclusive hire, and corporate retreats are also all possible.

  •  Hedingham Castle remains a family home
  • You can book Hedingham Castle for parties and weddings
  • the castle also appeared in a 1997 photo-shoot for Vanity Fair featuring Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow

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