Step back in Time and see Beautiful Gardens at Abbey Ruins

Are you making a trip to Suffolk? Looking for something to do outdoors? Want to get more familiar with the counties history? We’ve got the perfect solution to all of those questions, because at Abbey Gardens, you can lose yourself in stunning floral displays while immersing yourself in fascinating history!

What are the top places to go in Suffolk?

One of the most popular places to go in not only Suffolk, but also one of the top free attractions in Europe, is Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds, where you'll find a range of important historical monuments and a variety of beautiful plant displays. You'll find the gardens next to St Edmundsbury Cathedral, at the bottom of Abbeygate Street.

Abbey Gardens, at the centre of the historic Bury St Edmunds, is a six hectare park that lies on the site of the what was once one of the richest and largest medieval powerhouses in England. People from all over England, and across Europe, once made religious pilgrimages to the Shrine of St Edmund, and was often visited by royalty.

There are various monuments and buildings found throughout the gardens, where you can delve into the history of Bury St Edmunds. The Norman Tower stands as the principal gateway to the Abbey church, one of the oldest Norman buildings in the country and one of the best remaining of its kind, as it has never been altered since 1148! Near the ruins, you’ll find the memorial link to the Magna Carta, recognised as one of the most important documents in the world, in which Bury St Edmunds played a significant role in it’s creation. This document helped form the basis of the United States Constitution, and the Human Rights Act! Make sure to take a tpwer tour of St Edmundsbury Cathedral, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Bury St Edmunds skyline.

Bury St Edmunds Abbey... The burial site of Kings.

Did you know that this abbey houses the remains of Saint Edmund, the original Patron Saint of England? Edmund, King of East Anglia, after refusing to denounce his Christian faith, was tied up to a tree and killed by the Danes in 869. A stone church was built for his body, which subsequently became a site of pilgrimage.


The Gardens are the perfect spot to escape to nature and enjoy a moment of tranquillity – this 14 acre park is renowned across the world for its colourful, spectacular floral displays, with over 30,000 plants to see! Enjoy the spectacular bursting colours of the wildflower labyrinth in autumn and spring, which is a haven for local wildlife, explore the sensory garden and walk in the footsteps of the monks from centuries ago, and take a picturesque walk along the beautiful River Lark. Be sure to take a moment to truly absorb the atmosphere at the Water Garden and fountains too!

Head to Abbey Gardens to take a journey through British history and enjoy some wonderful nature!

  • Entry to the gardens is FREE.
  • Opens Monday to Saturday from 7.30am, Sunday from 9am.
  • Gate closing times vary on date:
    November to February 4.30pm
    March to May and October 6pm
    7.30pm to 8pm from June to September.
  • Shop and café available on site.
  • Book tickets for a tower tour here.


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