Have you ever wanted to wreck something to unleash the inner rager? Well, now you can at the Wreck Room in Sheffield! It’s all the rage – you can break anything from old TVs, vases, and old toys to furniture. Everything in the rooms is breakable. Each session lasts about 15 minutes but you can just book another straight after if you are enjoying yourself that much. Each rager is equipped with safety goggles and you should wear something appropriate for the occasion. You can even listen to your own music while doing so.

Where can I find a rage room in sheffield to wreck stuff in a fun, safe environment?

The Wreck Room is located in Neepsend, Sheffield -  just 1.7 miles away from the city centre.

Rage rooms are a perfect way to have some fun and unleash some anger they are becoming a pretty popular activity and a smashing day out!

  • Just 2 miles outside the centre of Sheffield
  • Gift vouchers available
  • available for ages under 18 to over 45+
  • Solo session price £35 pp

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