Microlight flying lessons in the East of England

Learn to fly a microlight at the Bedford Microlight Centre. Situated near the small town of Sandy, between Bedford and Cambridge, the Bedford Microlight Centre are a very friendly and active club catering for both flex-wing and three-axis aircraft.

Each microlight experience starts with a full safety briefing by experienced CAA-approved flying instructors. There are two types of microlight, the first is a flex-wing, based on a hand glider layout, these usually have two seats. The other type of microlight is a 3-axis aircraft, these are controlled in the same way as conventional aircraft.

Where can I learn to fly a microlight in Bedfordshire?

Head to the Bedford Microlight Centre, their experience CAA qualified instructors will teach you how to fly flex-wing and 3-axis microlights.

Microlight aeroplanes require formal training. This training is required by law and leads to a National Private Pilot’s License (NPPL) with a Microlight rating. After you have your license, the sky is the limit! Joining a microlight club is a great way to gain more flying experience without the large investment of buying and maintaining your own microlight.

Have a sensational experience as you glide through the sky in a microlight. Experience the thrill of being sky high and controlling a light aircraft

  • Both trial flights and lessons are available whether you’re new or want to improve your microlight skills!
  • Prices vary depending on the type of package with discounts available for multiple session bookings
  • Bookings may have to be cancelled or postponed due to extreme weather, call beforehand if you are unsure!
  • Check out the nearby Shuttleworth Collection – a treasure trove of early 20th-century aircraft.

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