Mining Museum in Northumberland
Mining Museum in Northumberland

Mining Museum in Northumberland

Want to learn more about the culture of the local area throughout history? Woodhorn Mining Museum is the perfect place to come along and find out first-hand what it was like to be a miner in the early 19th century! Come along and embark on a journey of exploration into this industry that has vanished!

Why should I visit the Woodhorn Mining Museum in Northumberland

Located in what used to be the largest pit village found in the world, the old colliery is now home to the popular Woodhorn Mining Museum attraction and welcomes thousands of guests every year with open arms to explore the history of mining life in Northumberland!

Visitors can freely explore Coal Town at the museum, an engaging, interactive experience that immerses you into life as a miner. Through the eyes of the local community, you can discover the true story of coal mining in Northumberland. Set off in 1918 and journey through the decades and encounter some fascinating characters from throughout time.

Another exhibition for guests to admire is the Ashington Galleries! It is full of artwork by a group of painters known as The Ashington Group, or the Pitmen Painters. Their hundreds of paintings depicting life as a coal miner show what it was like both above and below ground in their communities in Northumberland.

Guests can also check out the Pit Banner, in which they will march their way to the top of the ‘ramp of reform’, the last resting place of the mining community’s proudest possession, the Pit Banner. The banner was waved around by miners and proudly bound them together as a group of equals, acting as a symbol of unity and strength in those trying times.

  • Closed on Monday and Tuesday
  • Open from 10 am to 4 pm Wednesday to Sunday
  • Under 16s visit free
  • Adult tickets are £7 or £6.50 if purchasing multiple at the same time
  • Concession tickets £6
  • All sites pass £16 per adult

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