Want to go on a tranquil journey of discovery in the heart of the Northumberland coast and countryside? Come along to Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre and uncover all of the creatures who call Northumberland their home! From critters to creatures of the sky, there are friends in the animal kingdom for everyone to enjoy on their visit to the centre!

Why should I visit Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre?

Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre offers visitors a means of getting closer to nature and the wildlife found at the Hauxley Nature Reserve! With gorgeous views of the local landscape and loads of information on all of the wonderful animal species local to the area, this wildlife centre is the perfect destination for a day of exploration and discovery!

The Hauxley Nature Reserve has recently seen an extensive remodelling and extension, with the latest addition being the new environmentally friendly Wildlife Discovery Centre! The building is constructed from a number of hay bales and other eco-friendly materials with plenty of innovative resources and techniques, making it the perfect building for a wildlife centre!

Visitors who come along during the summer can expect to discover a gorgeous variety of flowers that excel in attracting Butterflies, Dragonflies, and other interesting insects!

The Reserve also has no trouble attracting a plethora of bird species from Coot to Curlew! The Spring and Autumn seasons boost the number of bird sightings in the area and on average the centre sees up to 140 different bird species each year as well as surprise visits from the likes of Red Squirrels, Stoats, and even Otters!

  • Open 7 days a week from 9.30 am to 5 pm
  • Bird hides and toilets are always open
  • Free entry for all visitors

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