Are you looking for something different to do? Why not challenge yourself and take part in a mud run at Craufurdland Castle? This instructor-led activity promises a day of muddy mayhem and lots of laughs! Book your place now and get ready for the muddiest journey of your life!

Why should I take part in the mud run at Craufurdland Castle?

The mud runs at Craufurdland Castle are a great way to challenge yourself and test your fitness levels while also having a great, carefree time with your friends as you race through the mud together!

Gather a group with your friends or family and be taken on a run around the estate, navigating through woodlands, across rivers, around fields, up hills, down slopes and of course, through the mud! The run is bespoke to the fitness abilities of the group and how adventurous the group is feeling.

These mud runs are perfect team-building activities as 10 people, led by an instructor, will journey through varied terrain and assign a member of the team to be a backmarker. The group needs to stay together to keep each other going and support all members while most importantly helping each other power through the harsh conditions of the mud! The length of the route and the amount of mud can be tailored to suit the group’s needs.

  • 1 and a half hour sessions
  • Groups of up to 10 people for £150
  • Suitable for ages 8 and over
  • For details on availability please get in touch via email

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