Parkour Generations in London
Parkour Generations in London

Parkour Generations in London

Parkour Generations is a multi-award-winning international organisation that specialises in parkour or freerunning instruction, teaching, performance, facility design, and consultation. Since 2005, its sole mission has been to spread the incredible benefits and good effects of parkour, assisting people all over the world in realising their full physical and mental potential through movement. Parkour Generations encourages people from all generations to come and test themselves; to prove to themselves what they are actually capable of.

Where can I learn Parkour In London?

From acting in Hollywood films to designing cutting-edge parkour facilities around the world, from giving customised workshops to coordinating stunts for big television shows, PARKOUR GENERATIONS Is the place to be.

Parkour is primarily the physical discipline of freely moving your body through natural terrain around the world. Mainly this is through, running, jumping, and climbing. The main skills that are developed or enhanced from parkour training are:

  • Strength and Fitness
  • Spacial Awareness
  • Balance
  • Quick-Thinking
  • Accuracy
  • Problem-Solving
  • Control

Parkour aims to build all (and more) of these fundamental skills through collaborative challenges while also encouraging humility and respect for everyone’s capabilities. With fun and safety being at the heart of Parkour Generations.

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