Hot Tub and BBQ Boat Experiences in Canary Wharf, London

Hot Tub and BBQ Boat Experiences in Canary Wharf, London

Are you looking for something unique to do in the City of London? Why not try the world’s first-ever hot tub boat and sail down Canary Wharf in elite style! Skuna Boats are offering you the chance to see London from a whole new perfective as you live it up in the luxury of a hot tub boat or even a boat with a barbecue on board, giving you a once in a lifetime experience and a fantastic day out!

Hands up if you're looking for a unique group experience in London?

Skuna Boats have awesome outdoor heated hot tubs boats as well as BBQ boats for amazing fun.

The Skuna hot tub boats are electric, easy to drive and wood-fired! You don’t need any experience to sail the hot tub or BBQ boats, they’re that easy to use! The freshwater of the hot tubs is changed after every use of the hot tub so hygiene is kept to the highest of standards. And not to worry about being out in your bikini in Britain, you can have this fun experience anytime as the hot tubs are kept at the perfect temperature of 38° C / 100° F. If you fancy the BBQ boat experience instead of the hot tubs you can choose from Skuna’s food packages or bring your own food to get grilling while you live it up on Canary Wharf.

  • Hot tub experience from £33 per person
  • BBQ experience from £15 per person
  • You will need to bring swimwear for the hot tub
  • Duration of hot tub experience is 75 minutes
  • Minimum age requirement of 12 years for hot tub boat
  • BBQ experience lasts for 2 hours with 100 minutes on the water
  • Choose the food package for BBQ or bring your own
  • All ages allowed on the BBQ boat

Skuna Boats

West India Quay
Canary Wharf
E14 4AL
Phone: 020 7205 2827